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Users should read through our privacy policy before using our service since this part explains the relationship between the users and the authorities. The contents of this 123hpcom.org website are purely informative and not for commercial purpose. We collect data for optimizing our website at the same time we assure data security. The main thing of the site aims at assisting the users with printers. Kindly note that, we don’t promote or favor any brands mentioned in the website. The logos, product images and information mentioned here are not licensed. So before using the content of the website get written permission from the authorities. You must approve the terms and conditions to accept the service from the website. Without accepting you cannot use the service. And you must review and read this section regularly for any updates and changes. We strictly prohibit the usage of our content somewhere else without our knowledge. Please review our policy on a regular basis as it provides you with the latest information on how we gather and utilize your data.

                                Your acceptance of these terms and conditions

A subject to your acceptance with these terms and conditions we grant you permission to utilize the service of the website. The main objective of our 123hpcom.orgservice is to give printer information and give assistance to the printer solutions as a third party website. And you must take full responsibility for the usage of the service from the website. Keep in mind the logos, images and products mentioned in the website are not licensed.We do not claim any ownership for the products mentioned in the website. So every user must read the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy to know about our norms before deciding anything. You must inform us when there is a breach of information about you beyond all those security process.

                                                  Judicial law

With reference to laws and regulations, we secure your personal data. If we are using your personal information for any other purpose we assure we don’t do that without your consent. If there are any changes we will issue that on our site so read our terms and conditions to know and updated. We have produced our contents after going through several steps. And also keep in mind you are sole responsibility of the usage of the content. The 123hpcom.orgsite may contain number of links and we are not liable for the content in the link pages. If we find anyone misusing our contents or plagiarizing them we will take proper measures against them. Keep in mind the unofficial usage of the website content is a criminal offence

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