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         Basic information about HP LaserJet Pro P2035:

  1. HP LaserJet Pro P2035 the wireless printer supports wide range of paper types such as envelopes, labels, transparencies, postcards and cardstocks.
  2. The quiet and sturdy printer structure make the printer fit in small place and quiet nature is a unique character.
  3. Printer package consists of toner cartridge, power cord, printer software installation CD, USB cable, getting started guide and warranty guide.
  4. The printer supports mobile connectivity such as AirPrint, Wireless Direct printing and ePrint. One can print from office or from home.
  5. You can save paper by printing on both side and conserve energy with energy certifications of p2035 printer.Also further energy conservation through Auto ON and OFF technology.

First time printer setup process

  1. Initially tear the printer package carefully. Once your open the package you can see printer guide, set up manuals, e printing and directprinting guide and basic instruction papers inside keep it aside for future reference.
  2. There is a software installation CDi nside the package you can use that to install the software you can also do the same from
  3. Apart from that there will be a power cord andUSB cable. Then remove all the extra packaging materials inside the box.
  4. After that slide the printer box on its side to pull out the printer from the package. Once you slide out the printer from the package remove the Styrofoam caps and plastic cover around the printer.
  5. Then remove all the plastic protective cover around the printer surface. Now pull the Styrofoam piece inside the printer cartridge.
  6. Next take the carriage out from the P2035 printer. Keep aside the toner cartridge installation paper inside the printer.
  7. Finally finished with printer unboxing, you can to start with printer working. For that you have to install the printer software from or P2035.

Steps to install the toner cartridge

  1. First take the printer cartridge we set side during the printer unboxing process. Initially we have to remove the orange tab protecting the contacts of the cartridge.
  2. Next process is to evenly distribute the toner inside the drum for that rock the toner evenly back and forth.
  3. Then remove the ribbon tape. For that start pulling the ribbon out from the toner cartridge.
  4. Now your toner cartridge is ready for the installation process. Hold the handle of the toner cartridge and open the top cover of the printer.
  5. Insert the cartridge in the void. While inserting the cartridge must lock with its small tabs to fit properly.
  6. After inserting it correctly close the top cover. Now the cartridge installation is over. Take the power cord that came along the printer package untie it.
  7. Plug in the power cord to the printer and the wall outlet. Coming to the paper loading adjust the paper width guide by moving them apart.
  8. Next take paper to load and tap it on the plane surface before inserting in the printer. Now make sure the papers are all in same size and not damaged.
  9. After inserting the paper, adjust the paper width guide don’t push it too tight which may bend the paper.
  10. Now press the power button of the printer until the green light lights up in the power button. It takes few moments to initialize your printer after that install the printer software from P2035 to start the printing process.

Windows wireless setup of HP LaserJet Pro P2035 -

Before starting the process make sure your computer connected to the wireless network. Then we have to connect the printer to the same wireless network as that of your computer

  1. Initially go to your printer control panel and choose wireless icon. Then go to the wireless menu.
  2. Next in the setup menu choose wireless set up wizard. In the next screen choose your wireless network name from the list of network names.
  3. And to connect to the network you have to enter the network password. Now the printer starts connecting with the wireless network.
  4. You can confirm the wireless connection by the steady wireless LED light of the printer. Then to find out the printer IP address and SSID name through tapping the wireless icon.
  5. And you can note them for the connection process. Next go to the computer browser and enter
  6. Next run the .exe file that downloaded in the computer. The installer launches in your computer.
  7. After that check all the terms and conditions to start the installer.Then simply follow the onscreen instruction to finish the wireless setup process and software downloading process.

Lastly having further doubts and issues in setting up the printer and downloading the driver please visit P2035

MAC wireless setup of HP LaserJet Pro P2035 -

Having doubts how to connect your printer to the wireless network using MAC system, follow the below steps for the connection process. You can follow the same process for Mac OS version of 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6

  1. First choose Application and in the main menu choose system preferences.In the following page choose Print and scan icon.
  2. Then in the print & fax page, click open print queue. In the printer ready page, choose printer setup icon from the menu bar.
  3. Next in the below menu bar, click the utility option. Next choose Open Printer Utility and click ok.
  4. After that click “HTML config”option in the bottom of the page in the next page. In the HTML Config Utility page choose networking menu from the top bar.
  1. Next in the side menu choose wireless option. And in the communication mode section, enable infrastructure option.
  2. Then choose the network name and the network security type click “apply”. Next in the authentication section give the wireless network password and click “apply”.

After that close the utility page. Then coming back to the Print & Fax page, under printers side bar choose your printer name containing bonjour to connect your P2035 printer to the wireless network

Driver and Reference Manual download for HP ljpro P2035 Printer

                                                  HP  ljpro P2035 Printer Windows Setup

•        First  you may use the installation CD that comes with your Printer for download and installation of driver software.

•      Then if you wish to get the latest driver software, then you go to HP official website for driver download.

       Next make sure you confirm once the compatibility of the driver prior to the driver download.

Then to assist the download and installation of correct Printer driver, you can use the guides given out on this website.

                                          Mac Setup for   HP  ljpro P2035 Printer 

• First you must download the .dmg file type for Mac OS.

•Then you can download the Printer driver and install that driver on your Mac device.

•Once you finish the installation process, make the print of your test document.

How to get the product updates for HP ljproP2035

Basically before getting your updates install your printer software in your computer from or P2035.

  • Make sure your printer connected to the same wireless network as that of your computer.
  • Initially check the firmware version installed in your printer. For that we have to print a self-test page.
  • Go to the printer, in the printer control panel press and hold the cancel button for few seconds.
  • Then release the button once you see the green light starts to blink. Now the printer prints the self-test page.
  • Next in your PC browser navigate to P2035. In the main page choose drivers and downloads option.
  • Then enter your printer name along with the series number in the search box and click go. You can also change the OS version by clicking the down arrow in the version search box.
  • In the below list choose the firmware option by clicking the plus symbol. Next take the self-test page and find the firmware data code and compare it with the version that displays below the firmware.
  • If the versions vary you have to update your firmware version. Click download button in the firmware section.

Then save and run the file in your PC. Once it downloads follow the on screen prompts to finish the firmware updating process

Mobile printing technology

Before starting the process connect your printer with wire, wireless or Ethernet network connection. Then you have to update your printer firmware to the latest version for that follow the below steps

  1. Initially you have to print the test page for that press and hold the cancel button in the printer which prints the test page when the green light begins to blink.
  2. Next go to the PC web browser and enter .Next in the following page choose Support and driver.
  3. In the next page enter your printer name along with the series number. Then choose your OS version and check the firmware version
  4. And in that section compare the firmware data code to the one in the self-test page that we have printed. If there is any variation download the software package.
  5. And if there is no variation your printer firmware is up to date and no need for an updating process.
  6. Next process is to enable the web service of the printer. For that in your test page note down the IP address and enter in to the computer web browser which opens the EWS
  7. In that choose the HP web services tab and click the enable button to start the web services in your printer.
  8. When enabled it prints a web services information sheet prints save it for the registration process.
  9. Then in your browser go to and create an account for you and sign in to the account.

For this process the account prompts you to enter a printer code which you can get from the web services information sheet. Finally you can create your printer own ePrint mail address. And use that to send content through email to the printer

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