Easy Printer setup steps 123.hp.com/ljproM227

The LaserJet Pro multi-function m227 printers are monochrome printer. It is suitable for your small office purpose but the product output is professional quality. Faster prints with duplex printing. The LaserJet Pro multi-function m227 printer can cuts your ink usage by 50 percent with genuine ink cartridges of HP. Install the printer software for your printer from the installation CD that came along with the printer package. Download the same from 123.hp.com/ljproM227 or 123.hp.com/setup M227.

           Highlights of LaserJet Pro mfp m227

  • Supports Automatic two sided printing. Lowers energy consumption through Auto-On and Auto-Off feature.
  • The printer can do mobile printing through printing apps like ePrint and Apple AirPrint Download them from 123.hp.com/ljproM227.
  • And compatible with Wireless connectivity and Wi-Fi Direct printing.Secured printing with HP JetAdvantage Security Manager.
  • The Precision black tonerbold, crisp and darker font outputs. Use Original HP products to reduce 50% of ink usage from hp.com/setup M227.
  • The printer supports Connectivity such as Ethernet and Wireless. And the printer has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Then Manage the security of the printer through Password-protected network embedded web server.

How do I setup my first printer?

  1. Initially break the tape to open the printer package.Inside the package you will see software installation CD for both windows and Mac.
  2. In the future if you lost the CD or you need to update the latest version of software you can find that in 123.hp.com/ljproM227 or 123.hp.com/setup M227.
  3. And also the basic setup instruction papers and additional features of printer manual in the printer package.
  4. After that the USB cable. Use this to connect the printer directly to your computer.
  5. Also the package contains a two-wired phone cable used to set up the fax line. And lastly the power cord used to start your printer.
  6. Next set aside the printer box and pull out the plastic bag to get your printer out. Then remove all the packages and blue tapes around the printer surface.
  7. After that remove the Styrofoam sheet under the scanner lid and close the lid and remove protective plastic around the control panel and the paper width guide.
  8. Then slide out the paper output tray adjust the guide to load the fresh stack of arranged paper and slide in the tray.
  9. Additionally you can adjust the panel for your convenience then take out the power cord untie them, plug it in the power port of your printer and connect it to the wall outlet.
  10. Now power on your printer your printer makes some noise to get initialize next choose country from the display. And choose self-managed in the next screen and click yes.
  11. Finally your printer starts calibrating, then download the printer software and driver from 123.hp.com/setup M227 to continue your printing process.

Software setup through Wireless configuration - 123.hp.com/ljproM227

  • First check that your printer connected to the same network as that of the computer. Then remove any Ethernet or USB cable connections.
  • Before starting setup process know the network password its name and the USB cable.
  • Now we are going to connect your printer to the wireless network through Wireless Protected Setup.Check your router has WPS button in it and your printer supports WPS features.
  • Next press the wireless button of your printer for few second and leave it you can see the wireless light starts blinking. Within two minutes press the WPS button of your router for few seconds and leave it.
  • If your connection established successfully you will see a steady wireless light in your router and your printer. Then in your computer browser enterhp 123.hp.com/ljproM227 or 123.hp.com/setup M227
  • After that open Download and choose Drivers, Software & Firmware. You can choose your OS here.Thereby double click the .exe file in the downloads bar to start your driver installation process.
  • Then choose Easy Install and click “Next”. Then click your printer name from the printer list and click Next.
  • Next choose “Connect to a configured Wireless Network Printer”. If the WPS setting for wireless setup is not successful select Configure to print over the Wireless Networkandclick“Next”.
  • In the next screen, installer prompts you to connect the USB cable with the printer and computer temporarily for transferring the software setup. Once the software setup is over you can remove the USB cable.
  • After the wireless configuration is over, In the Wireless Configuration Utilitypage click “Next”. In the wireless discovery method select “Automatic” and click “Next”.
  • Finally remove the USB cable and you can print the test page to confirm that you finished the installation properly.

Software setup through wired configuration - 123.hp.com/ljproM227

  • Initially connect the network cable to the network and the printer. Then in your printer control panel touch wireless button.
  • The IP address displays on the printer control panel if don see that yet wait for few seconds. Note down the IP address which you need for installing the printer software in the later steps.
  • Next navigate to 123.hp.com/ljproM227 from your printer browser and click download.
  • Then click Drivers, Software & Firmware. In the following page choose your printer name.You can change your language and Computers OS.
  • After that choose Driver – Product Installation Software. Review all the driver details and click download.
  • Once the HP Installer opens follow the steps to install the software installation process. After that accept all the services and agreements to start the process.
  • Next you will receive the “Preparing to install” message displays. And click “Next” in the following screen choose “connect through a network”. Then in the “Network Product Found” screen choose your printer name and click next.
  • Lastly when the software installation is over you will receive “Your software has been successfully installed” message.

Driver and Reference Manual download for HP ljpro M227 Printer

                                                  HP  ljpro M227 Printer Windows Setup

•        First  you may use the installation CD that comes with your Printer for download and installation of driver software.

•      Then if you wish to get the latest driver software, then you go to HP official website for driver download.

       Next make sure you confirm once the compatibility of the driver prior to the driver download.

Then to assist the download and installation of correct Printer driver, you can use the guides given out on this website.

                                          Mac Setup for   HP  ljpro M227 Printer 

• First you must download the .dmg file type for Mac OS.

•Then you can download the Printer driver and install that driver on your Mac device.

•Once you finish the installation process, make the print of your test document.

Toner Replacement in LaserJet Pro multi-function m227 printers:

When you receive “Black cartridge is very low, Replace now” message in the printer and “Toner very low “alert message from the printer software. Follow the below steps to do so.

  1. First lift the scanner assembly of your printer. Then lift the top cover inside the scanner assembly. Find and hold the middle handle of the toner cartridge.
  2. Second Pull the cartridge out of the printer and keep it aside. Recycle the old cartridge find the steps for recycling from 123.hp.com/ljproM227.
  3. Next take the new toner out of its package.Then hold the middle handle of the new cartridge. Carefully lift the toner and fix it into its place with the help of the side tracks.

Push it until the toner fix into its place.Then close the top cover and scanner assembly. Having any issues or need more informationnavigateto 123.hp.com/ljproM227

Checking the Toner level - 123.hp.com/ljproM227
  1. Initially check if the paper input tray contains fresh plain white paper.Then press the power button and OK button.
  2. Then press the right arrow button and find Supplies status. You can get a supply print now. Find the estimated toner level in the report.
  3. For Mac devices, click the Apple icon and then select System Preferences. Then choose Printers and Scanners and Print & Scan.
  4. After that choose the printer name from the list and click Options & Supplies. From there choose Supplies tab.
  5. You can check the toner level from there. For downloading software and driver for your printer visit 123.hp.com/setup M227.
Economy Settings

            EconoMode- 123.hp.com/ljproM227

  1. Using this method can reduce the toner usage level. But keep in mind the print quality will be low. HP doesn’t recommend the full time usage of this method which may damage the toner.
  2. You can also enable this mode from the EWS if your printers don’t have this physical feature available.
  3. Then go to printer software and select print And select the Preference button. Now click the paper tab and then Quality tab.

            Sleep mode – 123.hp.com/ljproM227

  1. First press and hold the power button of your printer power button this on all the lights of the control panel.
  2. Then press and hold the information button and the wireless button for few second to print the network configuration page. And find out the IP address of your printer.
  3. Enter the IP address in your computer browser. Make sure the computer connected with the same wireless network as the printer.
  4. You can see the Embedded Web Server page from there click Settings Next from the Power Management section, choose Energy Save Modethen click apply.

Quiet mode – 123.hp.com/ljproM227

  1. Initially in the EWS page click the settings tab. From there choose preference Then Quiet mode and choose On or Off and click Apply.
  2. At the same time for macOS open the HP Utility. Then select printer name and choose Quiet Now choose On or Off and click Apply.
  3. Similarly for windows open HP printer software then select quiet mode From there choose on or offthenclick Apply to save the settings.

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