Manual to setup and install HP INKTANK 412 with

The new refillable ink tank printers are noticeable printers. The printer is suitable for long run process. The installation cost may seem little bit higher. Additionally the transparent ink tank makes the users easy to check the ink levels. And also produces low cost per page

                                   Let’s unbox your printer package-  

  • First tear the printer package using a paper cutter. Then pull out the printer package from the outer cover.
  • Along with printer there will be power cord, USB cables, and two print heads and ink bottles. Also the printer setup poster and guide manuals.
  • Inside the printer package you can see the software installation CD. Use the CD to install the printer software.
  • If you happen to lost the CD or want to update your printer software to the latest version you can visit and do the same.
  • Once you take out the printer remove the Styrofoam caps and printer packaging materials around the printer surface.
  • Now remove all the plastic protective cover around the printer. And also take the plastic cover inside the scanner bed of the printer.
  • Before starting the IT412 printer check if the printer access area is having any cover if it is remove them because it may cause paper jam error in the future.

Finally take out the power cord that came along the printer and connect it with the printer and the wall outlet. And press the power button to start the printer

Step by step printer manual

After unpacking and removing all the packaging materials we can start to setup our printer with filling ink in the ink tank, adding print heads. For detailed setup process,follow the below steps

   1 – Ink filling process in

  1. Initially we will start the ink filling process. For that take out the ink bottles from the cover.
  2. Open the black ink bottle cover and remove the protective cover inside the bottle and again close the bottle.
  3. Repeat the same for cyan, magenta and yellow ink bottle.Now locate the ink tank at the side of the printer.
  4. Open the cover and remove the knob from the black tank. Get the bottle and invert it into the spout.

Don’t squeeze the bottle wait for the bottle to reach maximum line in the tank. And take the bottle out and keep it safe in a good place.Repeat the same for other ink bottles too.

          2 – Print head installation of

  1. After powering on the printer open the main door and the access door. Wait for the carriage to come in rest position.
  2.  Afterward you can see an orange handle turn it clockwise. Then push down the blue latch to open it. Then throw away the orange plastic thing.
  3. Next open the print head from the package. Remove the orange plug. Pull the cover around the copper contacts.
  4. Finally don’t touch the contacts which damage the print head. Next hold the cartridges by its side and insert it into the slot.

After firmly inserting the print heads push down the blue latch and close the access door and then the main door

Steps to load paper in the HP INKTANK 412-

After filling ink in the ink tanks and inserting the print heads, start to load paper in the printer and align the print head

  • First press and hold the power and resume button for three seconds. It starts priming process in the printer.
  • Before inserting the paper take a stack of plain white paper of same size tap it in a plane surface, extend the paper tray and feed it in the paper input tray.
  • Then adjust the paper width guide to one side and insert the paper in the tray and again adjust the guide.
  • Next open the paper output tray and raise the paper extender.Then press the power and resume for 3 seconds which start the print head alignment.

It takes few seconds to print the alignment page. Once you get the alignment page. Scan it to calibrate the printer for better printing results

Using HP printer software-

  1. For this you need a wireless network, the network name, network password and a computer connected to the same wireless network.
  2. Initially install the printer software from or 412.
  3. In case of windows, in your printer software go to Tools and choose Device Setup &Software. Then choose Connect a new device.
  4. Next follow the on screen instruction to finish the setup in the printer connection setup choose wireless connection setup.

Then if you are using mac OS, choose system preference. Then select Printers and scanners and choose your printer name

Using Wi-Fi Protected Setup-

  1. There are two methods in this type. Push Button Configuration (PBC) method and PIN method.
  2. For PBC method, press and hold the push button for few seconds in the router. Similarly press and hold the wireless icon in the 412 printer.
  3. Once the connection established you can see the blinking LED turn to solid LED. In case of PIN method, press the wireless and information button.
  4. It prints an information page. Note the WPS PIN in the page. Next press and hold the wireless button in the control panel you can see the LED starts blinking.

Then go to the software for wireless router and enter the WPS PIN to connect

Using Wi-Fi DirectSetup -

  1. This method lets you print directly from the mobile to the printer without connecting to the network.
  2. Initially press the Wi-Fi Direct button on the printer. Then install the printer software from 412
  3. In your computer turn on Wi-Fi.In the list of Wi-Fi network choose the network name starting with direct in the front.
  4. Next in the printer software choose Tools, and then click Device Setup &Software. After that choose Connect a new device.
  5. In the printer connection method choose wireless mode. Choose your printer software from the following list and follow the onscreen instruction to print using Wi-Fi Direct.
Manual to download the printer software -

In your computer go to the browser and enter in the main page choose support from the menu bar. In the following pop up choose software and drivers. Then in the next page choose printer option. In the identify your printer page enter the printer name along with the series number in the search box. In the following page you can change the OS version and check all the details about the printer software and click download.

The software installer gets downloaded in your computer, Open and run the installer. Next accept any terms and conditions to start the software download process. Before starting the process remove any USB cable connected to the printer and the computer. Connect it only if the software prompts you to do so. Then follow the onscreen instruction to finish the printer setup. Once you receive the setup is complete message you can remove the USB cable from 410.

Driver and Reference Manual download for HP INKTANK 412 Printer

                                                  HP  INKTANK 412 Printer Windows Setup

•        First  you may use the installation CD that comes with your Printer for download and installation of driver software.

•      Then if you wish to get the latest driver software, then you go to HP official website for driver download.

       Next make sure you confirm once the compatibility of the driver prior to the driver download.

Then to assist the download and installation of correct Printer driver, you can use the guides given out on this website.

                                          Mac Setup for   HP  INKTANK 412 Printer 

• First you must download the .dmg file type for Mac OS.

•Then you can download the Printer driver and install that driver on your Mac device.

•Once you finish the installation process, make the print of your test document.

Fixing Cartridge missing error-

If you find your printer doesn’t print, a cartridge missing error in the system and resume light starts to blink in the printer control panel the printer might be facing the cartridge missing error. Follow the below steps to fix the issue

  1. Initially close the paper output tray along its tray extender.Then open the printer access door.
  2. Next press the resume button on the printer for 3 seconds. And in the printer access are you can see the blue latch in between the two cartridges.
  3. You have to push it down to open it which releases the print head. Then hold the cartridges by its side and remove them from the slot.
  4. After removing cartridges be cautious not to touch the ink nozzle or the copper contacts.
  5. Check if it contains any plastic cover or any orange tape around the cartridge if there is remove them.
  6. After that close the blue latch firmly and close the access door.Again open the access door then press and hold the power and resume button for few seconds.
  7. Next close the access door so the printer starts the priming process.If the error persists you have to reset the printer.
  8. Remove the power cord from the printer and the wall outlet. And reconnect the printer to the power then open the printer access door.

And press and hold the power and resume button of the 412 printer for few seconds. Now close the access door and see if the priming process has started or not

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