How can I find my HP Deskjet 2541 wifi password?

Once you subscribe the Internet service your ISP that is Internet Service Provider gives you a network password. You can find the wifi password on the router from the paperwork that comes with the router. The wifi password is having few other names like WEP Key, WPA2 Password, Security password and Wireless Key. You can contact your Internet Service Provider for further information.


How to retrieve wireless password for HP Deskjet 2541?

In case when you want to setup your HP Deskjet 2541 printer, you can retrieve HP Deskjet2541 wifi password using HP Print and Scan Doctor.

     »  First make sure your computer connected to the wireless network. From the network you can retrieve your wifi password.

     » Then go to HP print and scan doctor tool from HP official website. The file name ends with .exe

     » Give permission in the User Account Control. Then the file gets extracted and installed in your system.

     » Now accept the terms and conditions. In the following screen click the network tab. In the drop down chooseShow Advanced Info.

     » Next screen click the button named “Show wireless info”. Then in the next page find the section called wireless settings.

     » After that under the network key you can find the wifi password. Having any issues with HP Deskjet2541 wifi password contact the HP service.

How to find HP Deskjet 2541 wifi password?

Initially turn on your HP Deskjet 2541 printer. Then load sufficient paper and ink in the printer. Next click the cancel button and wifi direct button which prints the network configuration page. Then find the name of the Wifi Direct Access point from the configuration page. Once you find the password, use the password in your device to establish the network connection between your HP Deskjet 2541 printer and router.

                                Basic requirements to find HP Deskjet 2541 wifi password

   » Initially your printer must connect to wireless network.

   »  The password is commonly called as Wifi security key or WEP key.

   »   Most of the wifi password is provided by ISP(Internet Service Provider).

Go to your computer. Turn it on; right click on the network tray icon. Now choose Open “Network and Sharing center”. Then select “Change Adapter Settings” option. Next right click on the wireless network name and choose Status option. Then click Wireless properties and choose the security tab. After that select Show characters option which would revel your Network Security Key or HP Deskjet2541 wifi password.


How to reset HP wireless Deskjet 2541 password?

You can reset your HP Deskjet2541 wifi password through printer control panel. In case if you forget your HP Deskjet 2541 wireless password then you can rest your wifi password. For easy HP Deskjet 2541 printer wireless password reset process follow the below steps.

» First press the wireless icon on the HP Deskjet 2541 printer control panel.

»Then press the setup icon followed by pressing the network button.

»Next press the ok button. In the following screen choose wireless setup wizard option.

»Then in the next page choose the network name.

»You have to enter the network name manually if your name is not listed.

»In case if you forget your password, go to printer home window.

»Then click the right arrow and choose the setup menu.

» Next select the Network. In the next screen scroll down.

» Choose Restore Network defaults and click yes.

» You have to wait until your network settings got restored.

» Then go to computer and access the control panel.

» Next search Devices and Printers option. You have to right click on the DJ2541 printer icon.

» Then in the pop up choose properties option. Then in the following window click the password icon.

» Now you can enter a new password and don’t forget to save the changes.

How to find wifi password of HP Deskjet 2541 on mac?

» Initially make sure your HP Deskjet 2541 printer turned on. Then turn on your mac system and make sure both the printer and computer connected on the same wireless network.

» Initially open the mac system and make sure your printer and computer are connected on the same wireless network.

» Top of Form

» Bottom of Form

» Next press and hold the command and shift keys. Then to open the utility screen press the U key.

» Now double click the Key Chain Access. Now open Finder and click Go. Then click Utilities and then double click Key Chain Access.

» Now open Spotlight and enter the key chain access and double click the result. Then open the launch pad and double click the Keychain access.

» To find the network password, choose local items in the keychain list. Next click password in the category list.

» Now double click the wireless network name and select show password option. If prompted you have to enter the admin password to do the changes and find HP Deskjet2541 wifi password.

How to connect HP Deskjet 2541 to wifi?

If you want to connect HP Deskjet 2541 printer to wireless connection, follow the instruction below to find HP Deskjet2541 wifi password.

» First place the printer near the router. Then turn on the printer and make sure it is having all the basic requirements.

» Now to connect the printer to the local network, press and hold the wireless button of the printer control panel.

» You have to hold the button until you see the blue Led light starts to blink. Next within two minutes press and hold the WPS button on the router.

» Then you can confirm the wireless connection by steady wireless light on the printer control panel.

» In case if your router is not having a WPS button then download and install HP Smart application from windows.

» Next connect your computer or mobile device to local network. Make sure your network has a good strong signal.

» Then navigate to HP official website and enter the printer model number with printer name.

» Next after verifying the driver details and OS details click download. You have to open the driver software and simply follow the instruction to install the HP Deskjet 2541 driver.

What to do when I forget HP router password?

When you forget your router password you can rest the router password. You can factory reset the HP Deskjet2541 wifi password for router.

» With your router turned on press and hold the rest button.

» Next with the button pressed unplug the power cord.

» Still hold the rest button wait for 30 seconds and turn on the router by connecting the power cord.

Now your router is with default factory settings and you can continue the wireless connection of your printer and router.