How to troubleshoot HP wireless printer problems with clear steps?

When printing with HP printer, you can face printing errors such as print jobs do not print, printer doesn’t respond and print job stuck in queue. There are few common HP wireless printer problems you can face while printing with HP printer like printer no longer works on network, HP printer never gets connected to wifi, wireless connection issues, HP printer login with security issues and printing with scanning HP printer issue. To know more and to resolve the HP printer issue read below.

Wireless printer problems

Print Jobs Stuck in Print Queue

The printer cannot print once your print job stuck in a queue. At that time you cannot cancel or delete the print job. The button with delete the print job gets grayed out and can’t be clicked. To clear this error follow the below HP quick troubleshooting guide.

Print Job Stuck in Queue for windows

Print Jobs Stuck in Queue for mac

  1. Initially check printer IP address in windows port settings. If the IP address is wrong change it with the correct address and click ok.
  2. Now try deleting the job files in the queue. Then restart the print spooler. In the windows click RUN.
  3. After that uninstall the HP print driver and software. Then reinstall the HP printer driver from official HP website.
  4. Now in the window search for Devices and printers. After that right click on your printer icon and click Remove Device
  5. You can also try to check if your printer is offline or paused. Then check the firewall software settings.
  1. First thing is that you have to clear the print queue. Now close the HP Scan and Apple Image Capture if it is opened.
  2. Then type cancel –a and click Enter. After that close the terminal window and restart the window.
  3. Now reset the print system for that know the admin username and password. Next uninstall HP software.
  4. For that open HP Easy Start and click Uninstall HP Software option. You have to follow the onscreen instruction to uninstall the software.
  5. Finally troubleshoot the printer connection with wifi, USB and wired network printer connection to solve HP wireless printer problems.

How to solve paper jam issue in your HP printer?

HP wireless printer problems include paper jam issue of HP printer. Now look for jammed paper in the HP printer. You can use flash light to check the jammed paper in the Automatic Document Feeder, Rear of the printer, ink cartridge access area and input tray area. Next clean the paper feed rollers. Inside the ADF rollers, inside the rear of the printer and inside the ink cartridge access area. Finally Reset the printer. For that unplug the power cord from the printer directly from the printer without turning off the HP printer. Nothing works out then give the HP printer for service.

HP network scanner issue

When you trying to scan but the scan fails and scanner not found issue exist then you can get the following scanner error message like scanner not found, no computer detected and an error occurred communicating with scanner.

  • Initially try resetting the print system. In the system preferences in the control panel of your system choose Print and fax option.
  • Then try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver software. For that remove any USB cable connected to the printer.
  • And in the computer search for programs and click the HP folder. If there is HP folder in it uninstall the software.
  • Or else drag the HP folder into the trash. Don’t forget to empty the trash can. Now again prepare your printer for driver installation.
  • Then follow the instruction to install the printer driver for installation such as ink level checking and paper loading and resolve HP wireless printer problems.


Solve HP printer cartridge issue - HP wireless printer problems

You can find the HP ink cartridge error with the following messages like print cartridges missing or not detected, ink cartridge failure, incompatible cartridge, deleted ink cartridge, cartridge problem, cartridge missing and cartridge in wrong slot error.            

  1. First check the ink cartridge number. You have to verify the ink cartridge number based on the country and region.
  2. Then replace any incompatible ink cartridge. Next Reset your HP printer. You have to remove the power cord from your printer with your printer still turned on.
  3. Then wait for 2 minutes and restart the printer. If you still face the error try the next step.
  4. Now identify your ink cartridge. You have to check the ink cartridge are properly installed in the slot.
  5. And the color of the cartridges should match with the ink slot color of your printer. You can find the problem ink cartridge.
  6. Operate the printer in single ink cartridge mode to find the problem ink cartridge. Then replace the ink cartridge with the new one.
  7. You can order the genuine ink cartridge from HP official store. Still facing the ink cartridge error give your printer for service.
Troubleshoot wireless connectivity in your HP printer
  • Initially you have to check that your HP printer has updated and latest software driver installed.
  • Next make sure you have connected your printer to the correct port’. Then the encryption type must be same for the access point and the HP printer.
  • Your HP printer and computer must connected to the same wireless network. Since the signal is strong within 30 m, keep your printer at this distance from the router.
  • Next remove any obstacle between your printer, computer and router. The obstacles are in the form of cameras, cordless phone, Bluetooth devices and security cameras.
  • Then you have to confirm the network name that is SSID. You can check that by printing a network configuration page from your HP printer.
  • After that check your security settings if it is incorrect run the security settings again. If your wireless setting is correct try accessing you can try connecting your computer with another wireless network.