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Highlights of HP ENVY Photo 7134 –

  1. The photo printer updated with latest technology produces high quality photos. And perform duplex printing, print, copy and scan functions.
  2. Printer has Power button, Back button, Help button, Home button, control panel display and wireless light. If your wireless light is off it represents no connectivity.  Then if it’s blinking the printer wireless feature on but not connected to the printer.
  3. The fast blinking of the wireless light represents the printer has some error. And the solid wireless light represents the good connection between the printer and wireless network.
  4. Also has Bluetooth smart connectivity and Dual band Wi-Fi connectivity.The printer support mobile connectivity such as ePrint in the android, AirPrint in iPhone and Wireless Printing without network.

To summarize the printer reduces photo print for per page. Auto ON/OFF technology and energy certified widely reduce the energy consumption

  1. The printer has wide touch screen, scan to mail feature along with unique photo tray and produces borderless photo print.
  2. Next use HP genuine ink cartridges to get high quality photoprints. Then by signing in into HP instant ink account you can save up to 50% of ink consumption.
  3. After that the main advantage of the printer is it is environmental friendly since the printer made from the recycled printers and other electronics items.
  4. The printer package comes with two ink cartridges, setup card, USB cable, media pack and software installation CD.
  5. Finally you can install the printer software from the installation CD thatcame with the printer.It can also download from or 7134.

                                         Overview of printer assembly

  1. Unbox your printer

      2. Setup your printer

 3. Download and  install printer driver

Start with unbox your printer package-

Initially use a sharp knife to cut open the printer package. Slide the printer package and pull out the 7134 printer out of the box. Next remove all the packaging materials attached to the printer. Before starting the printer make sure to remove the packaging materials from the scanning bed, ink access door, in the photo tray, paper input and output tray to prevent the paper jam error in the future.

Once you break open the printer package you can find two ink cartridges, power cable,printer setup poster, User guide, photo paper and power cable. Now it time to power up your printer take the power cord and connect its one end to the back of the printer and other end to the direct wall outlet. Now press the power button of the printer. On the printer display you have to set your printer preferences such as the language, country and date for the 7134 printer.

Printer setup process

After the basic installation completes start to install the ink cartridges. For that follow the below steps,

  1. Initially open the package and take out the cartridges out of the cover. Then remove the protective cover around the cartridge.
  2. Afterward keep in mind not to touch those contacts which may cause the print head damage, poor electrical contacts and not so good print quality.
  3. Then open the ink cartridge access door and hold the cartridges by its side to insert them into its appropriate slot.
  4. After that close the lid. Now let’s start loading the paper in the printer. For that slide out the paper input tray and extend the paper width.
  5. Then take a stack of unused paper tap it in plane surface and insert in the paper tray. After loading adjust the paper width guide.
  6. Don’t push the guide too tight which starts to bend the paper. Use the same size of paper and don’t overload the paper input tray.
  7. Finally make sure the paper type should match the paper settings in the printer. Always remove the excess paper from the tray after finishing the print job.

Then pull out the paper output tray and tray extender. Lastly you can download the HP smart app for the mobile and for PC the appropriate software driver from or 7134

Download and install printer software for HP Envy Photo 7134 Printer

To install printer software initially you have to connect your printer to the wireless network for the follow the below steps.

  • Initially before connecting your printer to the network you can see the wireless light blinking in the printer control panel.
  • Now tap on the wireless icon. The summary page displays in that tap the settings icon.In the following page choose wireless settings.
  • Then tap the wireless option to turn it on. From the below option choose Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • After that the printer searches for the wireless network and list the name of the network. Choose your network name and enter the password to connect the printer to that network.
  • Now the printer prompts you a successful connection message on connection with the active internet. Besides the solid LED in the printer indicates the wireless connection between the printer and the computer.
  • Next we will start downloading the printer software.In your PC browser enter
  • After that in the HP home page click support and in the next bar choose software and driver menu.
  • Next in the Start by identifying your products page enter the product name along with serial number and click find button.
  • The following page shows the resultant software package, you can verify the OS version and software details then click download.
  • Now open the .exe file from the download and run the file. Then allow access to the installer once it opens read the terms and conditions and enable check boxes.
  • Next in the connection options choose wireless options. Finally follow the remaining guidelines to finish the software setup

Driver and Reference Manual download for HP Envy Photo 7134 Printe

                                                  HP  Envy Photo 7134 Printer Windows Setup

•        First  you may use the installation CD that comes with your Printer for download and installation of driver software.

•      Then if you wish to get the latest driver software, then you go to HP official website for driver download.

       Next make sure you confirm once the compatibility of the driver prior to the driver download.

Then to assist the download and installation of correct Printer driver, you can use the guides given out on this website.

                                          Mac Setup for   HP  Envy Photo 7134 Printer 

• First you must download the .dmg file type for Mac OS.

•Then you can download the Printer driver and install that driver on your Mac device.

•Once you finish the installation process, make the print of your test document.

Setting up HP ENVYPhoto7134 with android mobile

To setup your wireless printer from the android phone and connect it with the wireless network.

  1. Initially connect your mobileto the wireless network. And make sure your printer turned on.
  2. Know your network name and the network password. Then in your mobile phone browser enter 7134.
  3. After that click download app button.Now open the HP Smart Once you open theapplications read the agreements and enable the checkbox.
  4. Your printer must be in setup mode for the mobile to connect to the printer. If you are setting up your printer for the first time, the printer stays in setup mode for two hours.
  5. If you are unsure about the setup mode, reset the network settings of the printer. In your printer control panel navigate to wireless network settings menu.
  6. Then choose Restore Network Settings. Next move to the HP Smart menu and in the home page click the plus symbol to add your printer.
  7. If your printer name not found in the list, tap connect new printer and enter the Wi-Fi password to do so.
  8. Then follow the onscreen instruction to finish the printer setup. Having any doubts visit for further steps.
Common printer issues with its solutions

                          Common printer issues with its solutions –

  • Clearing a paper jam issue:

The paper jam issue must cleared as soon as possible to prevent the print head damage. For that you can use the online HP troubleshooting wizards. If the issue is within the printer you have to check the printer parts for the damaged paper to fix theissue.Initially check for damaged or torn paper in the paper input and output tray.

Then check the ink cartridge access area. Next check the paper pick up rollers. Restart the printer.If the issue repeats check the bottom of the printer for any jammed paper. To prevent this type of error in the future don’t overload the printer and don’t use rolled or used paper for printing.

  • Clearing print queue:

In your computer click the windows start menu. After that choose Devices and printers.  Then double click the printer icon to open the printer queue. Next in the Printer menu choose cancel all the documents.Then confirm the cancel process by clicking yes. If it doesn’t cleared restart your printer to clear the queue and check the queue again for any stuck. Now start printing.

  • Improving the print quality issues:

Always use original HP ink cartridges for better print quality.Afterward use the correct paper type for your printer. And make sure the paper is not curled, wrinkled and damaged. For improved quality try using the HP Advanced Paper type. And before printing check the ink cartridges have sufficient ink for the print outs.

Then to clean the cartridges using the printer software, initially download the software 7134. Now open it, choose Print and Scan. Then click Maintain your printer. And access the Printer Toolbox. After that select clean cartridges option from the Device Services tab.

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