How to solve HP network connection issue?

One can face the Printer network error issue by many factors. Some of them are new software or driver downloaded, compatibility issue, using wrong links, incorrect network settings and mismatching with printer settings. You can read below to find network connectivity solutions for your HP envy 7645 printer

printer network error

Basic checklist for network connection failed in HP printer

  • Has your printer connected to network?
  • Does your computer connected to network?
  • The HP envy 7645 printer software and driver installed properly?
  • Does your router settings compatible with your HP printer.
  • Did any firewall settings rendering the connection?
  • Has your IP address changed recently?
  • Did you use the Virtual Private Network?

Check whether HP connected to network - HP printer network error

First check you have turned on the wifi, and check you have connected to the correct wireless SSID.Next print a network configuration page. In the page check the printers IP address.If it is using incorrect IP address you have to troubleshoot that issue to continue with the network connection.Then enter the IP address in the web browser of the system. You can see the configuration page gets opened.If you see the Embedded Web Server page gets opened then your printer connected to network.Next open the command prompt in your computer through start and enter RUN.There type “ping” with your printer IP address. Finally if you see the command returns with fail message. Then your HP envy 7645 printer not connected with the network.

How to check if my HP Envy 7645 printer is using incorrect IP address or not– wireless connection failed?

  1. Initially go to your system click the start icon. Then enter control panel.
  2. Open the control panel. In Hardware and Sound choose View devices and printers option.
  3. Then right click on the printer name and choose properties. After that choose Web Services
  4. From the printer configuration page note down the IP address and check whether the address matches with the IP in the Web Services tab.
  5. If you see the IP address vary then delete your printer and read your printer to your system with the correct IP address.

To add printer with correct IP address in your computer, go to start and open the control panel.From it search for Hardware and Sound and choose Devices and Printers.Now right click on your printer name from the printer section. Then choose printer properties. You have to choose Port tab, click Delete Port and click AddPort option.In the following wizard click “next”. Next enter the IP address and port name. Then click next. Finally click “Finish” to solve HP printer network connection error.

Troubleshooting HP printer connectivity issue – No connection in printer and router or computer

  1. First check the connecting and network cables are firmly connected to the port.
  2. And check the network cables meet the requirements.
  3. Check whether the wires connected to the correct port.
  4. The proper connection can noted from the green status link light and the amber activity light.
  5. Temporarily disable the firewall software in your computer to allow the HP software to communicate with your HP printer.
  6. The duplex and link speed must set to default one recommended by HP.
  7. Next ping the HP envy 7645 printer from your computer.If you get failed message check your network hub and network connection.
  8. Then verify you have installed the correct print drivers and software in your printer and computer to resolve HP printer network issue.
  9. Make sure you have enabled the protocol. You can check the status through the Configuration page or through the embedded web server. 
What to do when my HP envy 7645 printer won’t connect to wifi – wireless network connection issue?

When you face issue with network connection of your printer you can try resetting your printing system. This can rectify printer offline and printer not responding issue. But keep in mind if reset all devices in the printers and scanner queue will deleted which includes both HP and non HP printers. In your system go to start and choose System Preferences. Choose Printers and scanners option. Now right click on the left pane and click the “Reset Printing System” option. Allow and enter the admin username and password to start resetting the printing system. Now you can freshly add your printer to the queue which can solve Wifi not working.