How to solve HP wireless connection failed error?

The most common issue we have face while printing is that HP Deskjet 3779 printer goes offline or Wireless Connection Failed. So the printer can’t connect to the system and give us a silent treatment. So to troubleshoot and know what are the things causing this type of issue read below.

wireless connection failed

Resolve HP printer network connection failed error

When you face the network error and offline issue with HP Deskjet 3779, follow these basic and quick tips to troubleshoot the HP wireless connection failed issue.

» Initially check all the basic printer connections are correct.

» Make sure that your printer is set as a default printer.

» Update router and printer firmware. Restart printer, router and computer.

» Try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver and software.


» You have to clear and reset the print spooler.

» Check the firewall settings and make sure it is not rendering the connections.

» Change the SSID and make your IP address as the static one.

» You can run the printer troubleshooting.

» If you are having VPN connection, disable it.

HP printer failed to join wireless network:

This error may arise when you change the router and wifi settings recently. The cause of errors is printer not recognizing the network and router not configured properly. Restart the router, printer and computer. Once the reboot process completes install the printer software to resume the network connection.

How to solve “Unsuccessful Network Installation error”?

While downloading and installing the HP printer driver and software you may get the error like “Printer Not Found during Network Driver Setup” In that case follow the below steps to troubleshoot your printer issue.

  1. Restart your computer, printer and router. You can turn off the HP Deskjet 3779 printer by plugging out the power cable and turn off the router by pressing the power button.
  2. Try using the Microsoft Fixit Solution. That is an automated program that can fix your installation issue. You can download the application to solve the HP wireless connection failed issue.
  3. Download HP Print and Scan Doctor. Open the application and click Start.Locate your printer. You can read the guidelines in the application to resolve any network issue. If the application can find your printer you can click “my printer is not found” button to solve the error.
  4. You can repair the system file. First close all the application and programs in the windows.Next runMicrosoft System File Checker program to check the corrupt files. Windows Resource Protection will find the corrupt files and repair the damaged files.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall HP printer driver and software. Initially disconnect the USB cable from the printer. In your windows search for Programs and features. In the list search the HP program in the list and click uninstall. Then click yes in the User Account control pop up.

What to do when connection with new wireless network is failing?

You can get the HP printer network connection error due to bad printer setup, printer driver not properly installed, outdated printer software and incompatible router settings.It may also arise due to incompatible router setting and dynamic IP address. And to troubleshoot the network connection issue, go to the printer control panel. Then choose Setup option.After that navigate to Network setup option in the printer control panel. Now choose Printer Network Settings and click ok.  You can get the IP address of your printer, default gateway and subnet mask.

  1. Once you get the dynamic IP address we will now attempt to set a static IP address for your printer.
  2. First connect your printer to the internet and open the web browser. Next enter the HP Deskjet 3779 printer IP address you have noted before.
  3. Now enter the required credentials to open the printer control panel in the web browser.
  4. Then click the Networking tab and choose the wired option under the connection settings.
  5. Now simply follow the prompts to set the static IP address for your HP Deskjet 3779

Follow these lines to solve “HP printer not connecting to routers network”.First thing you have to ensure is turning off the sleep, auto off and energy savings mode. Next disable IPV6 network if it enabled. In the preferred DNS server field make sure the static IP address entered. Next set your printer on 2.4Ghz. Since HP printer won’t allow 5.0 Ghz. Try updating the printer firmware to avoid any deprecation error.