Assistance on HP Sprocketdownload and setup -

                            Features of HP Sprocket printer –

  1. With HP Sprocket printer you can edit them before printing. Initially download the HP Sprocket app from
  2. The main advantage is that the printer uses no ink or toner rather it uses a zero ink printing technology.
  3. The printer package contains a micro USB cable, set up card and HP ZNK Sticky-Backed Photo paper.
  4. And HP Sprocket printer is in the size of the pocket which makes it easy to carry to places and print photos on the go.
  5. HP Sprocket printer comes with rechargeable battery with you can recharge at any time. Always keep your charge above 25% for better print quality.
  6. Network compatibility such as Wireless direct printing and Bluetooth area supported. You can always ass a personal touch to your picture before printing by adding text, emoji and effects.
  7. The printer produces color photo print. Open the camera application after connecting the sprocket app to your mobile device for editing and previewing your photos before printing.
  8. To get four photos in a single pic click the white box on the bottom; preview the final pic before printing.
  9. The 123 HP Sprocket Printerlets you print all the social media photos and share them Bluetooth.
  10. For mobile compatibility the printer supports both android and iOS. And also produces Vaporwave photos.

Unboxing HP Sprocket printer

Open the printer box. You can see the printer is in a plastic case. Remove all the packaging materials. Inside the printer box you can see micro USB cable, HP Zink Sticky Backed Photo paper and printer setup manual. Then open the printer top cover by sliding it outwards from the printer gently. Then take the USB cable and connect it to the printer and the adaptor.

 Now you can see the Red LED light which indicates the printer is charging.Next open the ZINK paper package. Load the printer with smart sheet facing downwards. Always upload the smart sheet which is for printer calibration and produces better print quality. Then you have to install the HP sprocket application from or 123 HP Sprocket Printer.And continue printing with HP Sprocket printer.

HP Sprocket printer overview

  • The printer has power button and reset button.One can remove the printer top cover from the printer and attached again.
  • Also paper output slot and paper input tray which is not physically visible. The printer has Lanyard notch and charging port.

It has LED lights on the printer surface. Each light represent unique functions. Let’s see what is for what

  1. If you see the solid RED Light it means that your printer connected topower and charging.
  2. At the same time if the RED Light is blinking it means there is error with the printer. And it must turn to white for the printer to accept print job.
  3. If the status indicator LED is in green color then your printer is fully charged. You can also use your printer while it is still in charging mode.
  4. And your LED light is in white color when your printer powered on waiting for the print job. If the printer is in idle state for more than 5 minutes without print job it automatically gets turn off.

You can also adjust the settings in the sprocket application. And if you see the white light is blinking then your printer is either receiving a print job or power on the printer

  • You can long press the 123 HP Sprocket Printer power button to start the printer with the LED light glows white and at the same time you can long press the power button to shut it down with the LED light goes dark.

Before using the printer allow it to charge for at least 60 minutes. You can also utilize the NFC feature of your mobile to print since the printer supports NFC

Setting up HP Sprocket printer -

After unboxing and loading the printer the printer start to setup your printer.Follow the below steps to do so.

  1. Initially install the HP sprocket application from .Now open the application.
  2. Now take out the micro USB cable that comes with the printer and charge your printer for about 60to 90 minutes.
  3. Then press and hold the power button to start the printer. Now turn on your mobile Bluetooth feature.
  4. If you run out of photo sheets during printing, open the top cover of the printer and load it with new set of stick back Zink paper.
  5. You can slide the top cover to open it from the slot. Open the new HP Genuine paper and load it into the printer.
  1. Don’t load more than 10 sheets and always load the blue sheet facing downwards in the printer. Because it calibrates the printer.
  2. And if you receive cooling down message. Wait for the printer to cool down for few moments.
  3. Sometimes you may receive paper cover open message. At that time check if the printer top cover perfectly locked or not.
  4. Always use HP ZINK photo paper to avoid incorrect paper type error message. If the error exits try reloading the paper after turning off the printer.

Finally keep your mobile and printer up to date to prevent any printing issue and to improve the print quality.

Check if your printer has updated firmware

Initially turn on your printer and the mobile. And connect your 123 HP Sprocket Printer to your mobile HP Sprocket application. Then touch the menu icon in the application. In the drop down choose your printer name. If the following screen shows any firmware update, Press Get Firmware Update. And simply you can follow the onscreen information to finish the upgrade. If you don’t receive any printer upgrade message it indicates your printer is up to date and no worries. Happy printing with sprocket printer.

Connecting mobile device to HP Sprocket printer -

                                                                Apple mobiles pairing

  1. Initially press and hold the power button of the printer for few seconds. You can see the white LED starts to become solid from blinking.
  2. Then to connect your mobile device to the printer, first turn on the Bluetooth in your mobile.
  3. And open the sprocket application downloaded from 123 HP Sprocket Printer and go to menu, hit the sprocket option. Now the android takes you to connect your mobile to the printer.
  4. You have to choose your printer from the list of devices found. After that open the photo that needs to printed. And click the print icon at the bottom.

When you are first time printing the blue sheet prints.It calibratesthe printer and remove the dirt in the roller

                                                             Android mobiles pairing

  1. First download the HP Sprocket printing application from or 123 HP Sprocket Printer.
  2. Then press and hold the power button of the printer to wake up the printer you can see a white blinking light start to become solid white light.
  3. After that turn on the Bluetooth feature of your mobile device. Next Open the sprocket app and in the menu choose sprocket.
  4. On choosing sprocket, the mobile displays list of devices. In that choose your printer name.

With the sprocket printer you can directly purchase the Zink stick back paper.From the application you can check whether your printer has an update or not

Steps to clear Out of Paper error

Sometimes in your printer application you may get out of paper error message and in your printer your status light starts blinking and turns off. At that time the printer won’t take any papers and produces no prints

  • First click ok in the HP Sprocket app to clear the error message. Then switch off the printer.
  • Next you have to remove the printer lid to look into the issue. So slide the top cover outwards. Once it comes out set it aside.
  • Then remove any damaged, jammed or loose paper inside the printer. Try rearranging the paper with the smart sheet.
  • While placing the smart sheet make sure the blue sheet with HP logos facing the downside and after that place photo sheet above the sheet.
  • After arranging put the top cover back by sliding it in. Then turn on the 123 HP Sprocket Printer and start printing.
  • Always use genuine HP ZNK StickyBacked Photo Paper for printing and don’t load more than 10 sheets inside in the printer
  • And check your printer is having enough charge to make prints. For that in the mobile HP Sprocket app touch the menu and choose your printer name from the list.
  • Under the status screen you can see the battery information. When your printer is fully charged you can see the indicator light is solid and green in color.
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