Simplified printer driver download steps 139

HP AMP 139 Inkjet is an all in one printer with inbuilt audio system and Bluetooth speaker. The printer has LCD display. It lets you take phone calls on your study table with 139 printer. You can charge your printer with the USB charging portof the printer. Use HP smart app to print with mobile phone. With this printer you can scan and share to cloud and to the email. Connectivity such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fisupported. You can install the printer software from the installation CD that came with the printer package or you can do the same with 139 or 139-printer-setup

Step 1: Unbox your printer package 139

  1. Initially place your printer package in an even surface. Then tear open the printer package to take the printer out of the package use a paper cutter for this purpose.
  2. On the first look inside the printer you can see the setup poster and Reference guide.
  3. After remove the packaging materials in the top of the printer package. It contains two ink cartridges and power cord.
  4. Now pull out the printer setup with the blue color tape by sliding the 123. printer on the even surface.

After that remove the Styrofoam caps on both sides of the printer.Then remove the plastic cover around the printer surface

Step 2: Time to power on the 139

  1. Now take out the power cord from the printer package and connect one of the cord to the printer and the other end to the wall outlet.
  2. Then press the power button of the printer. Next open the front cover of the printer you can see the carriage moves and comes in the ink access area.
  3. After that take the ink cartridges one by one out of the package. Now remove the orange tab from the cartridges.
  4. Insert them immediately once removed from the package. Hold it by its sides while inserting.

Don’t touch the contacts of the cartridges which damage the printer ink nozzle and produces poor print quality

Step 3: Paper loading 139

  1. First pull out the paper tray extender of the printer. Then take a small amount of even size paper tap it on an ever surface.
  2. Before loading the paper move the paper width adjuster to one end after loading the paper move the adjuster to hold the paper firmly.
  3. While doing so don’t push it too strong this bends the paper. And after printing remove the remaining paper from the paper input tray to prevent the paper from rolling.

Finally start printing with printer after downloading the printer software from 139 or

How to use Built in Bluetooth Speaker of HP AMP 139

Before using the Bluetooth feature know about the buttons on the printer control panel. There are phone button, Volume down button, Volume up button, Play and pause button and Bluetooth button. You have to connect your printer audio system to your mobile device to answer your phone calls and to play music

  1. First press the Bluetooth button of the printer control panel. You can see the Bluetooth light blinks which indicates audio system discoverable.
  2. Then in your mobile device turn on your Bluetooth function. In the list of Bluetooth devices listed choose your printer name.

At last you can confirm the connection between the printer and mobile with steady Bluetooth light and the tone saying device connected

            Answering phone calls from the printer – 139:

  • One can answer phone calls from the printer built-in microphone and audio control panel.
  • You can answer the phone call by pressing the call button in the printer control panel.
  • The incoming call indicated by playing a ringtone in the printer speaker. If any song is streaming it will automatically stop and ringtone plays.

And to reject the incoming call you have to press and hold the phone button. To mute the call press the play and pause button repeat the same to unmute the phone call.

         Playing music from the printer – 139:

  • Initially make sure your printer connected with the mobile Bluetooth system.
  • Then choose the music you want to play. You can adjust the volume with the buttons on the printer control panel.

           The music automatically stops when the printer receives any print job or the phone receives any phone calls

Windows wireless setup of HP AMP 139

Before starting the process turn on your computer, printer and router. Know your wireless network name and network password. And make sure your printer loaded with paper and ink cartridges

  1. Initially disconnect the USB cable from the printer and the computer.Then in your computer browser navigate to 139 or
  2. Now click download. Then open the downloaded file from the download folder.
  3. Next read the agreement and enable the check box. In the following page choose your printer from the list of printer.
  4. If you don’t find your printer in the list click the “my printer is not shown” button. And follow the on screen instructions to choose your printer.
  5. Then in the connection method choose your connection method as wireless network.
  6. Next click continue and follow the guidelines to finish the setup. If the connection drops, restart the printer and the computer.
  7. Then press and hold the information button and the wireless button for few seconds which prints the network configuration page.

In that page note the IP address and enter the address in the web browser. If the EWS page doesn’t opens then the router and the printer are not connected check the router connection

Mac wireless setup of HP AMP 139

  1. First turn on the printer, router and computer. Then know your network name and the network password.
  2. And connect your computer to the same wireless network as that of the printer.
  3. Then check if your printer loaded with paper and ink cartridge. And place your printer within the range of the router.
  4. Next disconnect any USB cable connected to the printer and the computer.You have to connect the cable temporary only to transfer the software setup.
  5. Initially you have to reset the wireless setting of the printer to start downloading the printer software.Next press and hold the wireless button and cancel button for 3 seconds to resetthe wireless settings.
  6. Then in your computer browser enter 139 or click download. Next open HP Easy Start. Then click “Set up My HP Product”.
  7. After that accept any terms and conditions to start the installation process. Once the installation finishes check the network name, if it is correct click join. If not manually enter your network name.
  8. On following the onscreen instructions, choose the HP Essential Softwarepackage and click install.

Finally click download to download the package. Then click print test page to confirm the successful software setup process

Mobile printing solutions - 139

     Google Cloud 139

  1. Initially check if your printer is Google cloud ready. And make sure your printer and the mobile device connected in a same wireless network.
  2. And in your device download cloud printplugin from the Google play store. Once the installation completes choose the settings menu in the application.
  3. Then in the search filed enter printing. Next tap on in the Cloud Print and turn off any other plugin.
  4. Now tap cloud print and tap the menu icon. Next select Add Printer. Now choose your printer to add.
  5. Then to print the image, open the image and click the menu in the top and tap print.
  6. After that choose your printer and do any changes if necessary and click print. 139

  1. For ePrint initially you have to the printer email address. First turn on the printer web service through HP Smart app.
  2. Then connect mobile phone and printer on the same wireless network. After that install HP Smart app from 196.
  3. After that add your printer with the mobile device by pressing the plus symbol.
  4. In your application go to Advanced Settings, then enable web service. And tap Print Info Page.

In your info page find the ePrint email address. You can use that email address of the printer to send print job to your printer from mobile device or the computer

DISCLAIMER 139 is a third party service and have no tie up with HP products and services. The information related to the HP printer, images and information shared in this website are only for the information purpose. From this website get troubleshooting, setup and software installing information. Having any queries with warranty or trading contact the HP manufacturer.