Install driver and wireless connection at 8620

                  HP Officejet Pro

8620 setup 8620

  1. On opening the printer package you can find the software installation CD use that to install the printer software in your computer this helps the printer to establish communication with the printer.
  2. But when you broke the CD or lost, don’t fret you can find the same latest and updated version of your printer software at 8620.
  3. Then there the package contains printer manuals and start here guide. You can follow that to install your printer software which contains the basic steps in setting up your printer.
  1. Next take the printer out of its package and remove all the package materials around the printer.
  2. Keep in mind all the package materials with the printer are recyclable. You can get those details at
  3. Then go to the front of the printer and slide out the input tray.Remove those packaging materials inside them and slide in the input tray.
  4. Now open the scanner lid and remove any protective sheet. Next check the same with the ink cartridge access area and the Automatic Document Feeder.
  5. Then power on the printer through connecting the power cord to the direct wall outlet and to the printer.
  6. After that the printer get initialize. You have to set the printer language, region and time then click ok. 8620-Printer-Setup

How to start printing - 8620?

  • To start printing, you have to load the paper input tray with papers. For that open the input tray and move out the paper width guide. Place them and slide in the input tray until it fixes firmly.
  • Next open the ink cartridge access door. Hope you got to see the carriage moves and come in the ink access area.
  • Then take out the ink cartridges from its package, hold them by its side and snap them into its respective slots. Having confusion which slot is for what? Simply follow the color codes in the cartridge and slot.
  • Be cautious not to touch the copper contacts in the surface of the ink cartridges. You can see them while removing the protective cover on the ink cartridge.
  • If you touch them it causes improper electrical contacts and clogged electrical contacts. And this will be the reason for poor quality outputs in the future.
  • After that close the door and follow the prompts of your printer display. Next the printer get calibrates and print the alignment page.
  • This page needs to scan for the print head alignment process which in turn optimizes the printing process.
  • If the test page prints without any error start happy printing with HP Officejet Pro 8620 or else visit 123. 8620 to get ideas to troubleshoot printer issues.

Install driver for Windows of hp officejet pro 8620

  • Initially on finishing the test page printing process. And if you see the printers display you can see a message saying Finish the Setup Online by visiting 8620.
  • Net get your computer and visit 8620 or in the web browser.
  • Then on entering the printer model number and series name you can see the Download your installation software page.
  • Next click download button. And click the run button. Now give access to the User Account Control popup.
  • After that the HP easy start window opens. Next in the ready to set up your printer window click continue.
  • And in the following window read the service agreement enable the check boxes and click continue.
  • After that in the Printer found page if you see your printer name click continue. If you don’t click my printer is not found.
  • And make sure Enable Auto Wireless Connect check box selected. Now the installer establishes a network connection between your printer and the computer.
  • Then read and respond to the following guidelines of the installer. Next the Choose your software and driver page.
  • There choose Full Software and Driver option and click continue.Now the software downloads and begin extracts in the system.
  • Next in the connection page choose wireless option and click next. In the following screen choose your printer name from the list and click next.
  • Keep in mind your printer Wi-Fi settings must be on and connected to the same network as the computer.
  • Next click ok in the printer display. Lastly having difficulties connecting the printer to the printer software please visit 8620.

Install driver for Mac of hp officejet pro 8620

  • First turn on the HP Officejet Pro 8620 printer. Before starting the software installation process remove the USB cable.
  • Navigate to 8620 in your browser of your computer. In identify your product page select printer and enter the printer model number.
  • Now click submit. The resultant page shows default operating system you can change the operating system in there and click change to apply the changes you have made.
  • In the download page click download in the HP Easy Start or the full feature driver depends on the requirements.
  • Go to the downloads and find HP Easy Start file to start the installation process. Then follow the on screen instruction to continue the installation process.
  • In the Add screen choose your printer name from the list of printer. And in the right hand side check if it having bonjour.
  • Now in the use, choose your printer name from the drop down list and click add. Lastly follow the guidelines displayed in the installer to finish the software installation process.

If you are having any doubts with printer driver installation in mac system please visit 8620 or

Wireless Network Connection of hp officejet pro 8620
  • Initially turn on the printer and got to settings. Next touch the Wireless Settings. Then touch the Wireless setup wizard in the next page.
  • Then to test the wireless connection you can print the test report. For that press the wireless icon and touch the settings.
  • Now touch the Print Reports and touch Wireless Test Report. This report helps you to debug any network connection issue.
  • In your mobile device go to the play store and install HP All-in-One Printer Remote application.
  • Then open the application and click get started button then choose your printer and accept any terms and conditions.
  • From settings choose your printer Wi-Fi connection. Within few minutes printer gets connected to your computer.
  • Similarly in your windowscomputer, navigate to 8620. In the welcome page enter the printer model number, name and click begin.
  • Follow the on screen instruction to continue the setup process. Then in the connection page you have to choose the wireless option for the wireless setup.
  • Then for mac wireless setup, go to 8620 or
  • To begin with remove the Ethernet or USB cable from the wireless printer and the computer.
  • In the next window, enter printer name with model number and click begin. The HP Download and Install Assistant pop up opens close it.
  • After that in the following window you can change your operating system and click download.
  • Then go to the downloadfolder and open the software. Follow the HP easy Start instruction to finish.
  • In the connect page make sure the same wireless network choose and connect it to continue the wireless setup process.
Troubleshooting 8620

                     Wi-Fi Direct issues:

  • If you face any trouble connecting the Wi-Fi direct printer to the network, initially check if the Wi-Fi direct is on.
  • For that in the printer control panel, swipe down and select the Wi-Fi direct option. Then in your mobile or in the computer turn off the Wi-Fi.
  • Again turn it on. Now search for the Wi-Fi direct name of your printer in the list. And enter the Wi-Fi direct password.

Lastly if you still facing the issue, install another compatible printing application. In case of computer try updating the latest software version of the printer software from

                    Ethernet issues:

  • Initially turned onthe router, switch, hub are. Next install HP Print and Scan Doctor.
  • And Run HP Print and Scan Doctor which finds and corrects the issue if possible. Then check if the Ethernet cable damaged or not.
  • After that try replacing the Ethernet cable with a new one.And check the cable firmly connected to the Ethernet port and to the computer.
  • Finally adjust the firewall settings of your computer which can also prevent the printer to get connected with the computer.

And also you can use HP online firewall troubleshooter to fix the firewall issue. Still facing issue kindly visit for further ideas

              HP ePrint issues:

  • First check the email address you are using to send the mail to printer is correct. In short check the printers email address.
  • Then the HP ePrint feature doesn’t allow you to add other email address in the cc section. In addition to it you can send to only one email address.

After that if you change the computers firewall settings the same settings have to updated in the printers control panel or in the embedded web server page of the printer

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