Printer setup and software assistance 6700

HP Officejet 6700 is wireless all in one printer. The printer supports Wi-Fi connectivity. And has inkjet type print head.HP Officejet 6700 printer supports mobile printing applications such as HP Smart app, HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, HP Print Service Plugin and Amazon Fire devices.The printer requires minimum system requirements for operating system such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. The duplex printing technology of the printer reduces the printing time.The reasonable price printer gives professional quality outputs. Make use of the HP Instant Ink program for automatic ink supply. To use this feature you have to register your printer in the HP Instant Ink program. Some of the printer comes with the promotion code use this to avail any offers with ink cartridges. You can download the printer software from 6700 or install the same from the software installation CD that came along with the printer package. 6700-printer-setup

Assisting steps for printer setup

                                      Step1- ( HP  setup 6700 Opening the printer box)

  1. On Opening the printer box you can see start here guide, ink cartridges, power cord and USB cable.
  2. Now set the box in its side and Take the printer with its cover safely. Remove the Styrofoam caps.
  3. After removing the cover around the printer you can see blue tape around the printer remove them.
  4. There are tapes and protective covers inside the paper input tray remove all of them.

 Now lift the scanner lid and remove the Styrofoam sheet and close the lid

                                                             Step2- (start your HP  setup 6700  printer)

  1. Then take out the power cord and untie the cord. And plug in the cord to the power port and other end of the power cord to the wall outlet.
  2. Next press the power button of the printer. Now the printer starts initializing. After that select the language and click ok. Similarly select the printer region, date and click ok.
  3. Lastly the printer prompts you to install the ink cartridges.

                                         Step3- ( HP setup 6700 cartridge installation and loading paper)

  1. For that open the ink cartridge access door. And you see the carriage comes to rest in the ink access area.
  2. Then get your ink cartridges out of its package and remove orange cover on its surface.
  3. Now hold the cartridges by its side and snap it into the cartridge slot. Here close the cartridge access door.
  4. Next open the paper input tray and load it with the fresh stack of unused paper.
  5. Finally pull apart the paper width guide and place the paper. Then click ok in the printer display. After that the printer prints the alignment page.

Now take the alignment page and scan the alignment page to align the print head of the 6700 printer

Driver Installation - 6700

One can install the printer software from the installation CD that came along with the printer package. But the only thing is that the CD may contain outdated printer software which creates incompatibility with printer features.So to get the updated software version visit 6700 or software from the main page and open the downloaded software from the downloads to install the software package. Now the printer prompts you the instruction steps. Then follow the steps to finish the software installation process.  Finally the software download categorized into Utility Diagnostic Tool, firmware, ePrint and basic driver.

Using HP Smartfor wireless setup - 6700

  • Initially download the HP smart in the computer from the Microsoft store available online.
  • Then open the application, in the home screen click the get started button then in the following page accept all the terms and conditions. And click “continue”.
  • Next page displays the recent printers connected choose your printer in the list.
  •  After that in case of setting new printer click the skip option in the top right corner of your page.
  • And the printer must be in set up mode to establish a connection with the computer.
  • Additionally while you first installing the printer, the printer will be in the setup mode for two hours.Next if you are unsure about the setup mode you can reset the network settings.
  • And turn on the setup mode. Later in your display choose wireless option. Then click “Restore Network Settings”.
  • And use the wireless setup mode set the printer in setup mode. Now return to the application, click the plus symbol and choose your printer name.
  • After that click continue button in the end of the screen. Next in the following “Connect printer to Wi-Fi” page inspect the network name if you want to change the network name do that here.

          Finally enter the network password,click continue to establish the connection. Then follow the onscreen prompts to finish the further set up process

NFC Printing - 6700

  • Initially with NFC printing one can print wirelessly from mobile or computer without the network connection.
  • Then from your computer click the network icon. And you can see the list of available network.
  • Now choose the network connection starting with Direct in front of the printer name.
  • Then from the printer control panel choose settings and then choose network settings and click print.
  • After that the network configuration page prints note down the printer IP address. And open the browser of your computer and enter your IP address click enter.
  • Next in the Embedded Web Server page choose Security tab. Then find and enable the Near Field Communication.
  • Lastly disable the check box showing wireless direct password in the NFC tag.Now click apply in the end of the page to enable the NFC and applying all the changes.

AirPrint setup - 6700

  • First power on the printer. In the display select the setup and choose network setup.
  • Now select the wireless menu and choose Wireless Direct Settings. Then in the following page choose wireless direct On/Off and in the next page touch on.
  • Next touch the Wireless Direct Name.And from the apple device while you search for network name remember to choose this name.
  • Then in the wireless setting mode choose Wireless Direct Mode in 6700 printer display.And select print only which lets the mobile to access the printer.
  • Next in your apple device click the settings icon and choose Wi-Fi. In the settings menu enable the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Finally in the list of network name choose your printer name. Now open the gallery and select the photo.

And click the action icon. In the drop down choose print option. By the way if your printer loaded with photo paper you will get the document printed

                                               How to setup duplexing in HP Officejet 6700?

  1. Duplexing mechanism – Printing on both sides of the paper automatically. For that download the printer software from 6700.
  2. Next  in the computer click the windows, then choose Devices and Printers. Consequently in the list choose your printer name.
  3. After that right click on the printer icon and choose Printing Preferences. Then choose the printer name.
  4. Next from the printer software choose the Features tab. Similarly under the paper savings options area select “automatically” from the drop down list with Two-sided printing heading.

Then click ok to save the changes. That’s it enjoy double sided printing feature called duplex printing from HP.

Steps to clear paper jam error

If you get an error message like Paper jammed in the printer. It is a paper jam error message.

  1. Initially check if the message is true for that turn off and again turn it on. If the error message prevails follow the below steps.
  2. Next open the paper output tray and search for any loose piece of paper or any torn paper in the rollers of the printer.
  3. Similarly check the paper input tray and the photo tray. Then inspect the carriage path to remove any dirt or paper piece which prevents the normal function of the printer.
  4. Now locate the paper path cover and lift the cover. Here you can see rollers see if any paper got stuck in the rollers and close the paper path.
  5. Then check if the Automatic Document Feeder contains any damaged or torn paper, remove them and feed it with freshly aligned tapped on the even surface paper.
  6. After that you have to check the scanner bed. Next open the scanner bed and see the rollers on the bottom of the scanner lid remove if any and close the lid.
  7. Additionally check if the printer placed in an even surface to prevent any obstructions to the printer function.
  8. Now try printing the printer status report. After that from the printer display select setup and choose reports.
  9. Finally in the following screen choose print in the Printer Status Report. Next if the report prints without an error message, the paper jam error cleared.
Disclaimer 6700 is a third party service and have no tie up with HP products and services. The information related to the HP printer, images and information shared in this website are only for the information purpose. From this website get troubleshooting, setup and software installing information. Having any queries with warranty or trading contact the HP manufacturer.