123.hp.com/setup 4510 - Install driver for your printer

HP ENVY 4510 produces lab quality outputs at affordable price.The printer has attached with touchscreen display. The printer supports wide range of paper quality. It supports on the go printing with mobile printing applications. Install the software for the printer from the CD that came along with the printer package.In the future if you need any software updates or lost your software CD, download and update the latest software from 123.hp.com/setup 4510 or 123.hp.com/envy4510 . Next the printer supports office works such as printing, copying and scanning.

HP ENVY 4510 Features - 123.hp.com/setup 4510

  • HP Printer ENVY 4510 supports direct wireless printing. And has duplex printing which reduces the paper usage by 50%.
  • The printer has two ink cartridges black and tri-color cartridge. The tri-color cartridge has three colors yellow, magenta and cyan.
  • Operating systems such as android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry area supported by this printer.
  • The printer works on HP Thermal Inkjet printing technology. The printer has energy efficiency “ENERGY STAR” qualified certification which reduces the power consumption.
  • Additionally the printer has energy saving features like sleep mode and HP Auto-Off technology. On the down side printer don’t have Automatic document feeder.

123.hp.com/setup 4510 - How to the printer initialized and gets started?

  • On the first look of your printer package you can see a piece of tape on the printer package. Cut open the tape to take out the printer out of its package.
  • Then inside the printer package you can see the printer manuals, quick start guides, power cord and the ink cartridges.
  • And take the packaging materials inside the printer box. Then slide the printer box and pull the 123.hp.com/setup 4510 printer cover outside.
  • Now remove the foam caps on both side of the printer. Then remove the blue tape in the paper out tray.
  • Next lift the scanner lid and remove the Styrofoam sheet and again close the scanner lid.
  • After that open the printer cover. You can see protective piece of cardboard sheets remove them and close the printer cover.
  • To start with initializations plug the power cord in the power port of printer and connect the next end of the power cord into the wall outlet.
  • Next wait for the printer to finish the booting process. Then choose the language and country from the printer display.
  • And click the manual setup to continue the setup process. The printer display prompts you to install the ink cartridges.
  • Before installing go through the precautions about the ink cartridges from 123.hp.com/envy4510 and start installing the cartridges.
  • After installing close the printer cover and click ok in the screen. Next load paper in the paper input tray.
  • Now open the input tray and pull the paper width guide as far as possible and load fresh stack of aligned non used paper.
  • Then close the input tray. The alignment paper prints. Scan the paper facing the print side downwards.
  • Finally on successful alignment you will receive a success message. For doubts visit 123.hp.com/setup 4510.

Ink Cartridges of HP ENVY 4510

        Ink level checking – 123.hp.com/setup 4510

  1. One can check the ink level using HP Utility software downloaded from 123.hp.com/envy4510 . Open the software and select Supplies Status where you can find the ink level of your cartridges
  2. If you are checking in the printer control panel, go to the home screen and touch the ink icon on the display which in turn displays the ink levels.

              Changing the Ink cartridge – 123.hp.com/setup 4510

  1. First open the ink cartridge access door. Wait for the carriage to come to ink access area and remain idle.
  2. Now remove the used and old cartridge out of its slot.Then take the new cartridge from its package.
  3. You can see an orange tab on the cartridge surface.Carefully remove that.
  4. Don’t touch the copper contact which damages the electrical supply and cause poor print.
  5. After that hold the cartridge by its side and snap it into the slot. Push the cartridge gently until it perfectly locks in the slot.Then close the ink cartridge access door.

123.hp.com/setup 4510 - Ideasfor better Ink cartridge utilization

  1. Take the cartridges out of the package on the time of installation. Don’t keep them out of the cartridge for a long time since the ink may evaporate.
  2. To prevent printing delays replace the ink cartridge as soon as the low ink level notification message appears in the printer display.
  3. Once you snap in the cartridges and close the ink cartridge access door the printer aligns automatically if not visit 123.hp.com/envy4510 for further troubleshooting.
  4. Then to prevent the drying process of cartridges always power off the printer while changing the ink cartridges.
  5. And while inserting the cartridges makes sure the cartridges snap into its place firmly.

                                                    Wireless connection of HP ENVY 4510

  • First turn on your 123. hp.com/envy4510 printer. Then in the printer display press the wireless button then settings.
  • And make sure your printer is going to connect with the same network as that of your router.
  • In the following list choose “Wireless Setup Wizard”. The printer searches for wireless network.
  • Then choose your network name. If prompted enter the network password and click Ok.
  • In confirm setting screen click ok. And now the printer gets connected to the network.
  • Lastly in the connection successful screen click ok. The Wi-Fi connection setup of your printer with router finished.
Download and install the HP ENVY 4510
  • Initially from the computer that connected with the same wireless network as that of the printer go to 123.hp.com/setup 4510 .
  • Then in that home page click the support tab and choose software and drivers. Next page enter the printer name along with the model number in the search box and click enter.
  • Next select your printer from the list.In the next screen click download.HP Download and Install Assistant screen opens click next.
  • Then double click on the downloaded file from the download folder. The file extracts now click continue.
  • After that click next and accept any terms of conditions and click next.The software gets installed.
  • From connection options page, select USB and click next. Then plugin a USB cable with one end to the printer and other end to the computer.
  • The USB connection is in progress. On successful connection the HP instant ink registration page appears you can do register now itself or you can skip that step.
  • Lastly for clarification related to software download process or installing the printer process please go and visit 123.hp.com/envy4510
Basic functions of HP ENVY 4510

Printing – 123.hp.com/setup 4510

  1. Initially download printer driver and software in your computer from 123.hp.com/setup 4510 .
  2. Then open the printer software and select Print. Then open the Properties dialogue box. And select your suitable options.
  3. From the layout tab choose the orientation then in the Quality tab choose paper type from the media drop down list.
  4. Then click “Advanced”to select the Paper Size. And click OK then click Print.

Copy – 123.hp.com/setup 4510

  1. First load the print side down on the scanner bed. Then in the printer control panel choose copy.
  2. And specify number of copies, and click settings for specifying paper size, paper type and other settings.
  3. Lastly touch Color or Black to start the copying process. For two-sided copying process, in home screen of the display touch copy.
  4. Then select 1:2 for two side copy.And select settings and choose Resize. In Settings screen you can choose the paper size, quality, type and other paper settings.
  5. After that touch back arrow and click the Color or Black to start the copying process.

Scan – 123.hp.com/setup 4510

  1. Before starting the processes make sure your computer to download the latest printer software from 123.hp.com/envy4510.
  2. And the printer and computer connected. First in the computer open the software and view the Scan
  3. In that choose Manage Scan to Computer.Then place the scan document print side down on the scanner glass.
  4. Now click Print and Scan Next click Scan a document or Photo. After that choose the scan type then click scan and tap done.
  5. For mac OS, open HP Utility in the scan settings choose Scan to Computer.And select Enable Scan to Computer.
Mobile Printing solution (HP Print Service Plugin) -123.hp.com/setup 4510
  • First power on the printer and connect it to the wireless network. Then connect your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Second download the HP Print Service Plugin and open the application.In the settings menu enable the HP Print Service.
  • Then open the gallery and choose the photo that needs to print. Now tap the menu icon and choose print option.
  • In the following pop up, you can adjust the color, size and orientation of your print output then tap print.
  • If you need more printing application and want to know about the application details visit 123.hp.com/envy4510.

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