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HP printer software necessities-hp.com/123

  • Initially download the HP printer software and drivers from hp.com/123 website.
  • Now by entering your printer name along with printer model one can download the necessary printer driver and software.
  • The HP printer software can be also installed from the CD that come along with the printer package box. 
  • The only demerit of that CD is that we don’t know the CD has the latest and upgraded software for your printer.
  • If you don’t download the latest version it may result in compatible wireless connection and printer problems in the future.
  • Finally make sure to always download the latest version of the printer software from hp.com/123 or 123.hp.com/setup.

Software installation manual

Windows XP

  1. First navigate to hp.com/123 to download the printer software and driver.
  2. Remove any USB cords from the computer and the printer before downloading the software.
  3. Now choose DOWNLOAD.
  4. Then click RUNin the next window.
  5. Next the file extracts and began to run. Follow the instructions displayed in the window to finish the process. 

     Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista

  1. Download the printer software and driver for the respective OS from hp.com/123 or 123.hp.com/setup by mentioning the name and model of the printer.
  2. Next click DOWNLOAD and RUN
  3. Now choose CONTINUE in the user account control window.
  4. The file will extract and install in your system. Finish the installation process by following the steps display in the screen.

                    Mac OS

  1. First browse to hp.com/123 and select your OS then click DOWNLOAD.
  2. Now choose SAVE.
  3. Then open the file with the name ending .exe. And select  NEXT.
  4. Follow the guidelines prompted on the screen to finish installing the software.
  5. The software installs by standard or by the custom method. HP recommends to install Full software solution for better performance. 

HP printer types

HP Deskjet


HP Deskjet printers are compact and at the same time powerful printers. Deskjet printers compatible with both home based and office work. The printer support print, copy and scan and have also built in technology to support air print and ePrint. Drivers and software needed for these printers can be down loaded from hp.com/123.

Comparatively the deskjet printers are cost effective than the laser jet printers. HP deskjet printers come with two ink cartridges black and a tri-color cartridge.The ink cartridges have a lot of tiny nozzle in the cartridge where the ink flows from for printing

HP Officejet


HP Officejet printers hp.com/123 is multipurpose printer have internal memory and support mobile printing such as air print, ePrint and cloud printing technology. These printers are compatible with both the windows and iOS. The additional features are automatic document feeder and built-in faxing.

These printers two cartridges can be easily maintained and has high quality print produced from the low cost printer. For ink related issues the printer has an instant ink policy. On registering with the instant ink policy one can get both discount and ink cartridges exported to your doorstep with low ink level.

HP Officejet Pro


The Officejet-Pro printers are fast in nature and produces good text quality. These printers have built in wireless technology such as Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The Officejet-Pro printers can do high volume job and can print up to tabloid size prints.  HP Officejet-Pro printer hp.com/123 has professional quality prints with low cost per page printing.

Trust the genuine HP ink cartridge for water resistant and smear free prints. One can flair their work with the automatic document feeder and double side printing printer. Using these printers you can easily print photos and documents from the computer or the mobile. 

HP envy


Download the software for the HP envy printers from hp.com/123. These software packages contain complete set of optional software, drivers and installer. The installation instructions vary with system OS like windows XP, Firefox, vista, Windows7 and Windows8. Then each OS has their own installation set up so follow the instruction to install the drivers.

For further queries related to driver and software installation kindly visit 123.hp.com/setup. These envy printers are wireless printers with mobile printing technology used for both home and office use. The print quality is excellent with dark and sharp text font.

                                                               Diagnostic tool setup

The diagnostic tools such as HP print and scan doctor fixes any print, scan, wireless networking, recovery issues.

  • First open the browser of your computer and download the diagnostic tool from hp.com/123 or 123.hp.com/setup.
  • There find the HP Hardware Diagnostic Utility and click download. Then the package asks for permission to save the file click ok.
  • Now run the package with the name HPHDU.exe from the downloads folder. Then the package extracts and began to install.
  • Next choose the printer that has issues and need to troubleshoot by the Diagnostic Tools.
  • Then click diagnose, the automatic setup now began to check the printer and list the results. The list includes connectivity, Device Status, Print Test, Print Evaluation, Copy Test and Copy Evaluation.
  • Once the tool check through the test produce a message depending on the result if all the test are clear “your hardware passed” message will displayed.
  •  lastly depending on the issue take further steps to resolve the issue.


Unpack the printer box and setup the printer. Then for connecting the printer to the wireless network remove the cable from the computer. While the Ethernet connections are ON the wireless configurations disabled.

1. Auto Wireless Connection

Initially check that the computer uses latest version of OS, the computer connected with the wireless network and the computer must have a dynamic IP address. Then select wireless icon in the display then settings now wireless setup wizard. Now choose your home network from the SSID screen. Then enter the password and connect the printer to the network. Next install the software and printers from hp.com/123 or 123.hp.com/setup. Lastly enable “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer (recommended)" checkbox in the window to send the wireless settings to the printer.

2. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

First check the printer supports the WPS setup using push method by contacting the HP service or check here 123.hp.com/setup your printer configuration. Then for this process we don’t need a computer but if the computer prompts any screen related to WPS close it. Now the router must have a WPS button in it and the network must have WPA or WPA2 security. In the printer press wireless button after the light stats to blink touch settings icon and then Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Choose push method and touch start. Now press the WPS button in the router to establish connection with the printer.

2. Using USB

This method is for printer without the touch screen panel.And for this method connect the USB to the printer temporarily for to receive the software settings. The software prompts instructions follow the instruction to compete the process after installing the USB cable removed from the printer so that it can connect with the wireless network.



ePrint application print documents and photos wirelessly from the mobile phone. For this initially connect the phone to the same network as the printer.The application prints by sending images and documents to the email address of the printer. Find more information and advice related to ePrint from hp.com/123.

    AirPrint support-hp.com/123

AirPrint is an application helps to print documents and photos from the iOS devices.Then Connect the iOS device and your printer to the same active network. Now from the airprint choose the document and select share icon now click the printer name and click print. Lastly need any assistance with airprint setup see hp.com/123 for solutions.

  Cloud print support-hp.com/123

Google cloud print is a free web application enables you to print any web content from the Google chrome browser.Then make sure the computer connected with the network and has Google chrome installed in it. And check if your printer has cloud print ready feature.Now print anywhere using Google account and Google cloud print.

E2 error
  • The e2 error code appears in the printer screen basically due to the poor communication between the printer and the computer.
  • To resolve this error make sure the paper settings chosen in the printer control panel matches the paper loaded in the printer paper tray.
  • Click cancel button to stop any printing jobs and then change the paper settings and stack up the paper tray with fresh unused paper. This can resolve the issues.
Print head issue
  • First power ON the printer and open the ink cartridge access door wait for the ink cartridge to rest.
  • Then remove the ink cartridge carefully by lifting its sides. Be cautious not to touch the ink nozzle and print head since it can cause ink flow problems.
  • Use clean cotton swab or lint free cloth to clean the carriage. Dip the cloth in the rubbing alcohol or distilled water to remove any ink spills or debris in the cartridge.
  • Then close the cartridge and make sure the carriage can move freely now start the process still getting the error check the details in hp.com/123
Spooler issues
  • The print job stored in the hardware memory of the computer called the spooler if any issues with the spooler the print queue won’t clear and cause print job error.
  • Go to windows icon in the computer then in the search bar enter admin. Then administrative tools, then services and right click the print spooler and click stop.
  • After that again right click the print spooler and click start.
  • Finally restart the computer to resolve spooler issue.
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

In the printer control panel touch setup then tools and touch print quality. Verify the report to rectify any issues. Use only genuine ink cartridges and compatible paper for the printer to prevent the print quality issues.

Enter the IP address of the router if it can’t connect to the network restore the printers default setup. In the printer control panel touch wireless icon then settings and touch Restore Factory Defaults. After resetting connect to the network using wireless setup wizard.

Update the system OS since the printer is not compatible with the older version. The printer supports later versions after updating OS download the device driver using HP Easy Start.

When the print setting of the paper chosen in the printer doesn’t match the length of the paper loaded in the paper tray. Make sure to use the appropriate paper and close the cartridge access door properly to prevent E2 error.

Uninstall and reinstall the HP smart app from the computer. Then download the full driver package from the HP site.


123hpcom.org is a third party service and have no tie up with HP products and services. The information related to the HP printer, images and information shared in this website are only for the information purpose. From this website get troubleshooting, setup and software installing information. Having any queries with warranty or trading contact the HP manufacturer.